Avatars - Everything you need to know.

We decided to use Gravatar to host avatars with the new site for a couple of reasons. 1) being we don’t have to use up our space to host them 2) being the website and forums are 2 separate entities and using Gravatar makes it easier on you as you only have to upload it once.

To setup your avatar visit the Gravatar site. Setup your account - upload your image to your new Gravatar account - Done. Now any site you visit that uses Gravatar will have your avatar automatically.

If you have any issues don’t hesitate to contact D1G1TALC1PHERS for help.



If you change your gravatar you will need to logout and login back into the site to force and update for the Forums. Also you might need to clear the cache on your browser as well.

I am now forcing default avatars to be the Grim Reaper Logo. If you do not have an avatar set on your account it will default to this. For existing users this should update after the next time you have to login into the site.

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Bump for those that don’t have a site avatar. Set up a Gravatar account that uses the SAME email the site uses.

Bumping this back up since we have had a good group of new people join.

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Another bump as we continue to gain a lot of new members each day.

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I figured I’d bump this again. Come on people, get some avatars.