Back 4 Blood gets huge balancing update and fixes

Back 4 Blood’s February Update is now rolling out to players and includes a myriad of balancing tweaks and fixes, as well as a few new features, such as a Streamer Mode, the ability to stay with your group after a match, and more.

Turtle Rock Studios has been on quite the mission recently, attempting to add some much-needed balancing changes to Back 4 Blood’s brutal higher difficulty levels. You can find the full patch notes on the game’s website, but we also wanted to touch on some of the more notable changes and additions that are included.

The Deck Manager has now been increased to 16 available slots across each of Back 4 Blood’s game modes, which should give you plenty of room to create builds for almost every situation. With the vast number of cards available, the previous eight slots didn’t give us enough room to create builds for set weapon types, so we’re definitely pleased the slot limit has been increased. Supply Points will now be rewarded even if you fail a mission, so your time doesn’t feel like it’s been wasted too much. There isn’t any mention on how many you’ll get for failing, though, but we would presume it’ll vary, depending on the difficulty level and your progress within the mission. A new ‘stay together’ feature has been introduced, which will allow you to stay with your matchmade team at the end of a match if you so wish, and a Streamer Mode has also found its way into the game.

The ‘On Your Marks,’ ‘Amped Up,’ ‘Shooting Gloves,’ and ‘Front Sight Focus’ cards have all been given additional bonuses, and both Walker and Mom’s abilities have been reworked. Walker’s ability now has an ‘Incoming!’ function, which acts much like Marked for Death, so the target will now deal less damage, and Mom’s revive will now fully heal the Cleaner that she is assisting.

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This gives me a good reason to get back into this game.

Double supply points this week-end. 2/11 through 2/13.