Back at it with Overwatch.

So after having avoided this game entirely due to the swarm of children and unbalance of the game, ive now returned to find a nicely tuned multiplayer that has grabbed my attention in full.


I want to get back into it but more than anything id like to form a competitive team to see how far we can get. Those who have Overwatch, what do you think? Down for some competitive matches? If so, what days would be best for everyone to group up and give comp a try?

Its the Year of the Dog event and there are a ton of new appearances that im looking forward to getting. Let me know what you guys think!

Hit up @Hogarthehuge and @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx as I know they still play.

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Played with @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx and @BrambledWhiskey this week. Good times. Had alot of fun.

I’d be down to play. Not sure about the competitive, but will try it. Junkrat FTW!!

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Added ya.

I say pick a night that works for you @Rigonn. Never ask the bastards in GRG to pick a night. You’ll get 50 different responses in every timezone known to man. What night works for you? Pick it and post it and we’ll get who we get.

That said, I’m always up for Competitive even though I suck out loud in Overwatch. I’d be up for this but I’ll need some help with tactics. Worse case scenario, I can be a back up or fill in if needed. (probably better playing a man down…)

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Any night is good for me but Monday night would work out. Few matches here and there. As for tactics @Lala_Calamari, what do you rather do, heal, tank, damage, or support? Watching the Overwatch League has helped me a bit with figuring out strategies.

I try to jump on as often as possible in the evenings if there’s time. If anyone sees me, throw me an invite or ask for one. I’m usually playing with the kid. We’re always down for competitive or quickplay

Edit: I’m a tank main. 90% of the time it’s DVA which I use to flank and be a pain in the ass. I can run Orisa/Lucio/Roadhog/Zarya/MCree/Mei fairly efficiently as well depending on the map and what’s needed. Been getting a lot better with Moira in close quarters maps

I made it to Gold. I’m balanced on the lower end of that atm. Playing with randoms in Comp is frustrating

I have yet to even get into the placement matches for this season. I hate having to run with randos, never gotten far because of that… I do enjoy healing as Ana or Zeny.

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I also see @anon8564842 on Overwatch a lot as well. He’d probably be interested in grouping up.

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Ill be on OW tonight for sure, so whenever ya get online throw me an invite and we’ll go from there!