balancing gaming and everything else

Hey guys just wondering how the rest of you guys balance time for gaming and spending time with the family and work. I have a 1 year old son wake up around 4 to go to work for 430am by the time i get home after work and spend time with the family I go to bed shortly after he does seems like I only really got time to shower then I am off to bed my self. weekends i get a few hours to play during the day when he is napping. just wondering how you all do it

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I am always trying to figure out how these lunatics get as much gaming time as they do in. I have older kids so I tend to get an hour or two in each night.

We have no kids (yet).

Just me and @nonagintillion, she likes gaming almost as much as me.
So we play some weeknights and weekends, unless we have other plans.

I only really have one hobby outside gaming, so unless I’m doing that, or socialising, then I’m probably playing something.


i cant wait to he is older when we can game together. I went out and got him cars 3 and a Disney land adventures for Christmas so he can get used to the controller

For me, my primary gaming time is early morning weekends. Older kids and wife don’t typically get up until after 9am, but I’m up usually by 6am. That’s six hours uninterrupted gaming goodness. During the week - much harder. Some nights the wife crashes early (9ish), so I will stay up for an hour or two, but other than that I try to keep the gaming to a minimum. Had bad experiences with letting the gaming get too tight a grip, and can’t go back to that.

Real bitch is when we’re chilling watching a show/movie, she’s on Candy Crush. But GOD FORBID I turn the AVR over to the X1X and start up a game. THEN all the sudden she’s interested in what was on. :roll_eyes:


I have no children, and am probably soon to be single. So I might not be the best to advise on this. I do have friends who game.

I doubt that the desired answer to this post is ‘Don’t have kids and don’t get hitched’…

My solution was getting rid of the distractions. So no wife, kids, or animals. I had to keep the job to pay for the games. :rofl:


Don’t forget you’re also good at staying up until stupid o’clock in the morning, @unobtainaballs.



I’m still trying to figure this out myself. I did a big move across the province and I now have 2 step children. Up at 2 or 3am for work and a nap after to remain human. Dinner is generally 6PST which is generally the time events happen with GRG. By the time dinner is done, I’m usually getting shit ready for work. I might get 30 minutes or so to play Overwatch or some AC Origins and then it’s off to bed for a 3 or 4 hour nap before the early shift.

I was on the staff list here, and just couldn’t stick to event commitments due to the work and home schedules so I had to step down. Home life had to come first or I was getting stretched too thin. So balancing is something I have yet to figure out. These kids are 11 and 13, and I’m fortunate enough that one of them enjoys Overwatch. So I get a bit of time there. The only GRG I’ve managed to play with lately is Razer.

i tried packing up and moving but she tracked me down and dragged me back


I try here and there she is pretty good when it comes to me wanting to go play a game. I just feel guilty doing it during the week she is a teacher then she comes homes cooks dinner and i cant stick her with the kid. Then weekends we are always running around cleaning or doing a million and one things. I guess as he gets older it will get easier

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There is zero balance in my life. Hehe.

I play when I can. Sometimes during the week, sometimes weekends. Just depends on how the job goes during the week. It drains me mentally so when I get home, after I cook and clean up some…I’m done for the day. I end up watching Netflix.

Can’t afford new games unless they are heavily discounted. Steam sales…etc.

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This. Anything new is usually off my list. I wait for the big Xbox sales or the Gold Deals.

I agree. I’ll play in the morning on my days off while I enjoy a hangover and coffee. Then it’s off to run errands until the kids are home from school. I don’t know if it gets easier as they get older. I’m new at this. They seem pretty useless at being able to take care of themselves. Being a responsible adult is weird.

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I usually play right after work about 5 est with Destroyer before his girlfriend gets home. Then eat dinner and watch tv with the wife while she is on her phone most of the time. By 9 she is usually ready to watch one of her shows that I don’t watch and I go game for a bit. Try to balance it where she has something going on while I am playing. Still get some complaints because playing games with your friends is wasted time as opposed to watching tv.

I honestly don’t know how I did it when my kids were young. I remember Friday nights gaming with @anon36214017 until 3 in the morning only to have my kid waking us up between 6 and 7. In my mid 40s I couldn’t do that now but the kids are older and leave me alone.


I did do that with some games.

I just figure out when I can play night by night. When the kids were younger, it was taking care of them constantly, now it’s all their activities I have to go to/help with, so it’s often when I can pick up some time.

Week night after they are in bed…until i fall asleep so i get 2-3 hours a night…wish it was more but that’s all i get

I’ll throw my 2 cents in while I’m feeling sincere.
Everything comes first, then gaming. This video says it all for me.
The beer is my gaming… and beer…and such…

…no matter how full your life gets, there’s always time for a few matches with some friends…
I honestly have to say thanks to LaLa for keeping this thing alive.
With my hectic schedule and life events I’d very likely be a strictly solo player.
I spent a lot of the last few years that way for reasons.
It was nice to have a clan to come back to and team up with… even if it’s just as another potato.
I really do appreciate this place a lot.