Basic bullshit guide nobody asked for minecraft version

OK so this is going to be a starter/basic guide for anyone who doesn’t know what the fuck they are doing in Minecraft and want to get an idea of what to do and why. So first off if you haven’t figured out the first thing to do in a new game is to punch a tree and get wood then quit while you’re ahead, everyone knows that’s how you do it in real life too. So now that you’re past that use wood to make basic things to use like swords pickaxes axes and so on slowly upgrading from wood to diamond. You’ve also got your mobs to worry about hostile and non-hostile. Creepers blow up, zombies want your head and will transform villagers into zombies as well, skeletons shoot arrows at you and wither skeletons cause withering status which sucks, and you’ll probably die unless you have some milk to drink. Blazes shoot fire and can fly sort of, ghasts shoot explosive balls at you but you can smack them back with a sword or other such item you’re holding. Zombie pigman will not bother you unless you hit them and to that I say good luck because they all swarm your ass when you do. Drowned are essentially waterlogged zombies that swim fast and use tridents which also hurt a lot, you also have guardians that are big fish that shoot lasers at you from their eyes, so they are fun. There are more of course but you get it lots of things want you dead but on the plus side there’s also friendly mobs that you can farm, pigs, cows, sheep, chickens. Cats, wolves, and parrots can also be found and tamed as pets for your enjoyment. Wolves also scare off skeletons while cats scare away creepers so that’s useful. Now to mining which is highly important don’t know why though. Well since I’m lazy here’s a list I pulled from the Minecraft wiki detailing the heights for shit to get that’s important

Gravel Can be found below y=111.

Coal Can be found below y=114, but is more common between y=5 and 66.

Iron Can be found below y=63, but is more common below y=58.

Gold Can be found below y=33, but is more common below y=29. In the badlands biome, it is also generated between y32 and 79.

Lapis Can be found below y=31, but is more common between y=13 and 16.

Emeralds Can be found between y=4 and 32, but are more common below y=29. Generates exclusively in the mountains biome.

Diamonds Can be found below y=16, but are more common between y=5 and 13.

Lava Excluding lava lakes, can be found below y=10, but is less common below y=4.

There’s a multitude of blocks to use to build with go look for yourself I’m not listing them that’s to much work.

Enchanting is another highly useful thing and uses those shiny levels you get to make it work. To get started you’ll need a couple diamonds a book and some obsidian to make an enchantment table. After that make some bookshelves that surround it leaving a one block space between the table and the bookshelves. Once you’ve done all that you can enchant up to level 30 and there are 3 tiers to enchanting each with its own level requirement. The first tier being the weakest and the third providing the best. You’ll also need lapis to enchant but its use coincides with the tier you enchant tier 1 takes 1 tier 2 takes 2 and tier 3 takes 3 lapis so its not much and gives lapis a reason to still exist in the game. Armor and weapons can all be enchanted giving various perks and durability upgrades depending on your luck while enchanting. Here is the layout

This is a small start to the basics of what you can learn and do in Minecraft, I haven’t even touched on the nether or the end and let us not forget potions that can be brewed. This game has a lot to offer and with just a bit of imagination you can probably have a lot of time put in and enjoy a relaxing game. Hopefully this helps someone out while playing and if not well just message me and ill go hold your hand in game and show you how its done. Good luck and go away