Battle Born thoughts

The closer technical test started today. A few of us got codes. If you’re interested you can still sign up and get a code within minutes.

There two modes, Story and vs.

The story plays A LOT like border lands. Very funny scripting, mini bosses, shields… The difference is that there are orb pickups for over shields, currency, xp, skill recharge, etc. Also, the character leveling isn’t permanent, you start at level one every time. But you rank up quick. Last few games I was hitting the max of 10 about half way.

The pvp mode was similar to smite or Monday night combat. It’s 5v5 with buildable turrets, traveling bots, and leveling up. It requires team work for sure.

There is supposed to be a lot of other modes bit they aren’t available.

I really enjoyed this game. I didn’t think it was going to be this entertaining. I laughed out loud a few times playing the story, even tho I knew the joke was coming, it’s still funny. The characters all feel completely different. Some better for taking it mobs, others better for individual players and bosses. I did run into a few glitches like not being able to get out of areas due to characters size or inability to jump high enough, but that’s it. Didn’t have a single crash, invisible walls, no immortal enemies.

This game is definitely on my list now.


I enjoyed it, i dont think it is a purchase for me at this time but i would rent it to play in community nights. Maybe the beta will changey mind

Me, Audible, Hellacatalli, Ginger and Cooter did a bunch of Story games and then some of us did a few PvP games too.

Only real complaint was the length of time spent in matchmaking. Seemed muuuch slower when I was by myself too, although it may have just improved as time went on.

Felt a little lost with character abilities and objective mode gameplay but considering it was labelled as a technical test I won’t complain too much.

Generally good fun as a light stress reliever. The reset of skill each time makes it much easier to just pickup and play without spending lots of time picking gear between games.
Definitely more fun in a group (what isn’t…).


Yes, yes it was a stress reliever. Especially after finally beating the gang leader I was trying to beat in AC:Syn. I look forward to playing more with you guys either tonight or in the near future. Except @Klown4Life because he plays BF4 campaign instead of letting me know he wants to play Multiplayer. Hahaha! Kidding. I promise.

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Ouch! :confounded:

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I will probably play a little more to try out some of the other characters. There is a lot of variety with 15 playable now and 25 playable on launch(and hopefully beta)

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On the Xbox , I got a message saying to have patience waiting for a lobby to open up and enter . After waiting two hours … I gave up and went back to Halo V .

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should have gotten a ps4…hahaha. I’ve played the story like 6 times through now with my son.

No big problem , I went and played HALO V on the Xbox which is way better then Battle Born and only on Xbox One .

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It’s still in the testing phase so I’m not surprised about the issues with connections. I’d say try again later. The game is well worth playing at least a few times through even if only on story mode. Good luck with connecting. We can end the XB1 vs PS4 battle here. Both are superior to the last gen and inferior to PC.

My PS4>my PC haha

Keep getting kicked to the Xbox home screen… Wtf?

dunno… im playing right now just fine