Battle Royale Monday 2/26

Join GRG for a night of Battle Royale (w/cheese). We’ll be playing the new hawtness that is the Battle Royale genre. Expect to see PUBG parties on the XBox and PC and Fortnite on PS4.


I’m going all in on Fortnite tonight. I’ll kick off a party around 9 pm EST. Just hop right on in.

I’ll need a PS4 Fortnite party lead and a PUBG Xbox and PC party lead.

As always I’ll be on Pubg until @beers_and_leafs starts a Cod lobby. And will most likely be looking for a 3rd and 4th to get started

Im in. Really want to give fortnite a go. Ill switch over to pubg afterwards.

Working your way up to first for that chicken dinner?
Believe in yourself, go straight for the victory!

I shall try to get on Fortnite on PS4 tonight.
Might only be from 6/7 Eastern until 8 Eastern.

Will reply here if/when I jump on.


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Ill start a party unless you beat me to it. I am down for a few matches tonight before switching back over to The Division to round out the night.

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I’ll be on Fortnite until PUBG gets poppin

I hope to be on for PUBG around 9:30, 10

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I’ll be on but I’ll be on my ol lady’s profile gt devillionangel

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Oh where oh where is Olz at @unobtainaballs

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More good games with @anon36214017 and @TwistedGunsmith i actually put in some work tonight and we had nice runs

@TwistedGunsmith and myself even got us a win… you got off too soon rabb lol


It was a good night also was my first victory!


Had some tater rounds of Fortnite with @Rigonn, @Grex and @beers_and_leafs then switched over to PUBG where I had to carry the team the final round. Killed three guys that were attacking us, no help from my team.


Oh this is awkward.

In my defence I would have logged off around 1am and probably missed you all (bar @TwistedGunsmith).

However, what actually happened was…
I logged on at midnight, saw @anon36214017 in MLB and @TwistedGunsmith in MHW.
So I figured I’d keep an eye on it and wait for a bit.

Then I fell asleep…

Woke up a few hours later, groggy as hell and completely bewildered.
Had to go to bed at that point, so I just shut it all off.

I maintain that you did better without me there :slight_smile:

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Yep. That’s it.
I hope so too!
I’ll be around later this week.


Don’t you start your shit with me. I’m not even sure why you pick up bullets. It’s not like you’re going to use them.

Don’t worry, I’ll kill the enemy squad solo.

BTW, I’m pretty sure @Grex shot me in that house.


It’s okay, I think I shot you when those two guys split by that tree you were behind. You didn’t say anything, but I;m sure I did.

And I try to pick up all the bullets I can, so there’s less for you.


All right so I really intended on playing some Fortnite but watching my kid play reminded me that I just don’t like that game.