Battle Royale (with Cheese) Monday 3/12

Join GRG for a night of Battle Royale (w/cheese). We’ll be playing the new hawtness that is the Battle Royale genre. Expect to see PUBG parties on the XBox and PC and Fortnite on PS4.

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Decided to kick off a new thread for tonight. Who’s up for some Fortnite or PUBG. What system as well. I know we have some PC, PS4 and XBox players.

I’ll kick off a Fortnite room for XBox if there is interest. Otherwise I’ll move over to PUBG and slum with the rest of you.

I’ll be kicking off my room around 9 PM EST.

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I forgot to tag @PUBGPlayers as well.

If i can get on it will be PubG on PC. a maybe tonight

I should be around for a few round of PUBG this evening

I am down for a few rounds of Fortnite… Ill be on around 7pm CST


Ill be on and ready to play. Also is the 5 teams of 20 still going on fortnite?

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I am in for PUBG.

Not getting any bites for Fortnite on the Xbox so I’ll most likely will be on pubg.

Yep, 20v20 is still going.
I’ll be on Fortnite for a bit but not late.

Good times with @TwistedGunsmith, @SoInZane and @KINGKONG (before he disappeared) in 20v20 and then Squads.

We managed a win in the 20v20, got right to the end too.
Though I needed a random to win it for us when I got cocky with a Rocket Launcher on the last guy…

Personal highlight was taking out two guys at close-range with a single headshot each, from a green pump.
Pretty sure they’re going to nerf it.

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