Battle Royale (with cheese) Mondays

Join GRG for a night of Battle Royale (w/cheese). We’ll be playing the new hawtness that is the Battle Royale genre. Expect to see PUBG parties on the XBox and PC and Fortnite on PS4.

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I will play both simultaneously


It’s Battle Royale night! Let’s Squad up and get some Chicken Dinners or whatever you win in Fortnite.

Since it’s only 4 player squads, I’ll need some extra squad leaders to help run some rooms.

I’ll be on some PUBG this evening, hop in my party

I’ll be on PUBG, I can run a squad

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I will be in pubg on the PC. Look for me in Discord voice.


You spelled Royal wrong.

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Bump! @PUBGPlayers and any @PlayStationPlayers that want to squad up for some Fortnite.

I’ll be on and will run a Fortnite room on XBox if there is any interest (post here). If not, then I’ll kick off a PUBG room.

I will need volunteers to run rooms since Fortnite and PUBG are both 4 player squads. Who wants to earn their Gold Star of the day and run a room?

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I’m in for some Fortnite.

I’m down for Fortnite tonight on PS4.

I’ll say I’ll be on from 8PM Eastern but I might be on a little earlier.

I’ll run a party / room if there isn’t one already and I’ll split out if need be too.


I’m down on PS4. I’ll be on after 6.

PSN Meep30 if anyone wants to group up. I might be on GTA, feel free to interrupt me


Ill be one and can run a 2nd room if needed


Don’t have fortnite but will be on pubg, I’ll invite everyone I see

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Since it’s just @h2daddy and I, I think we will probably just play PUBG. I’d rather have a full squad if possible.

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I should be on for (hopefully) a chicken dinner or 2