Battlefield 1 Platoon Info


A battlefield platoon has been created for GRG. Its called Grim Reaper Gamers.

To find it follow this simple potato instructions

  1. log into battlefield 1 on xbox
  2. hit the LB button to bring up the game menu, on there you will see a heading for “Platoons - Beta”
  3. open that and select join
  4. Search for “Grim Reaper Gamers”
  5. Apply to Join

I will periodically check to accept applications. Or just reply here and let me know you applied.

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I believe i was the first to apply. Does that mean i get to be your second in command @Grex :joy:

Why settle for 2nd in command? We’ll gladly dump full command on you.

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Applied. Oh please Sir let me in Mr @Grex

Just applied. I aint begging though. Haha

How do you get in the Platoon?


So…how do you rep that clan tag?

I need to get back to this game. I leave for vacation in 6 days and plan to stay on PUBG until I leave. When I get back though; BF1!

Thanks for setting that up @Grex !

How do you get into the Platoon?

Wait wait wait… you’re telling me there are platoons now?!?


I applied . Hook a brother up


Found this image of @anon42851937 riding in 2Fats tank


Just applied to GRG platoon! Looking forward to gaming with everyone.

accepted. should be all set.

Applied. Please don’t call my bogus references though.

all set