Battlefield 1 Tips

I figured I would start a tip thread for some of you newer guys to battlefield. Feel free to post your own Pro tips and/or videos you find on the youtube.

Here are a few to start that will help you move higher on the leader board even if you never get a kill.

  1. Always join a squad. If you are playing with randoms try to create your own so you are the leader.

  2. If you are the leader of the squad always give your squad orders. Doing this gives them direction and gives you a butt load of points. To give a squad a order look at the flag you want to take/defend and press right bumper.

  3. Spawn on your squad mates. They get points for you doing so and vice versa. Unless your squad is under fire you should always spawn on a squad member.

  4. If you can get on the A7V (German tank with 6+ guns) is a beast. Load it up and go destroy. The driver can repair from the cockpit. You get points for your kills, drivers kills, other gunners kills, and vehicle bonus points. Guns over heat so feather that trigger.

  5. Play to your class abilities. You get bonus points for playing your roll. If you are a medic chuck those med packs and heal fallen brothers. If you are support give mother fuckers ammo. If you are assualt it’s your job to take out tanks. If you are a sniper stick with your squad and protect them. Don’t be a bush wookie. No one likes a bush wookie. :point_right: @TheBodyFarmer.

  6. This may be the most important. Stick with your squad, give call outs to people in your party, and mark shit. To mark things look at them and press right bumper. If you mark something and it gets destroyed you get points.

I hope this helps new people. I have seen people that got 5 kills 35 deaths and lead the leader board. It’s not all about the kills. Every thing you do to help your team rewards you.

Oh yea I almost forgot. PTFO!


I think the last comment is the biggest tip. Playing the objective will net you tons of points. Even if you just run from objective to objective capping it will put you near the top of the leaderboard every time.

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Good shit, Dig.

Another tip: If you die, keep an eye on the bottom left corner of your screen. Don’t be too hasty to hit that respawn/deply button because you may have a medic ally close by. In BF1 they added a great knew thing. If there is a medic close by after you get killed, I think maybe within ~20 meters of you, it will show on the screen and update real time as to if they are getting closer to you or further away. You might get a revive which would put you right back into the battle and make the difference between capturing that point you’ve been battling for for 20 minutes.

I added a box to the screen shot below hoping to show you were the medic gamertags and distance indicators will be, roughly. (not my screen shot BTW - I’m playing on XB1)


Have only played the Beta, but the same is true. If playing medic or support drop yo shit, and understand your role. Medics don’t need to go running in at first charge. Sit back slightly and help your squad by throwing down med packs. Same with support. Ammo does run low and being able to reload helps greatly. Also if you are refueling or healing your squad the points you get from that is normally higher than if someone were to heal outside your squad.

As for recon/sniper I’m assuming at first we’ll all be playing core and not hardcore. Spam the sight marker button, and mark the enemies. For me, sometimes with everything going on, it’s hard to see the enemy, but BF1 marking helps as it outlines them in red and not just puts a tick over their head. This stands out and helps others on the front line take them out. Just cause you got a sniper rifle, doesn’t mean you have to one shot everyone. Spam the marker, take the shot, if you miss or only do partial damage, chances are someone will finish it off before you can reload and ADS again.

I might need to check and see if the gamertag bush wookie is available. I kinda like it. In all seriousness, sticking with a squad is the way to play. I am liking the medic bit plan on trying all the classes. I was able to get top of the leader board playing the medic class and anyone who has played with me knows that is pretty good for me. I love the sniper classes and will occasionally jump into it. They just haven’t made it much fun in cod for a long time and battlefield does a much better job of it.
If your playing your roll and sticking with your squad you will level faster no mater the class

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I have a couple questions.

What FOV do you use?

I have mine set low…can’t recall what default is. Most videos I see of others showing off, they have their FOV maxed out. I’m curious what others use. I have extreme tunnel vision so I dunno if having a larger FOV would even help.

WTF is a ticket? I hear “tickets” mentioned often, but I have no real idea what the hell it means or their importance.


My field of view is whatever the default is set for. Never really mess around with FOV in games.

I did adjust mine once and my aim was much worse so put it back to default.

I use a 2560x1080 monitor for PC gaming for the extra view on the sides. If you can get used to the wider FOV it can help you see targets that you may have never seen before. It dose take a bit to get used to it. Breaking yourself of tunnel vision will help regardless of your FOV.

Dunno if this is accurate but might be worth a try. My aim can’t get any worse!