Battlefield Hardline - Are you getting it?

Hardline is only a few months away. I am actually looking forward to it. I think I am getting bored with what I currently own.

So are you getting it at release? Eventually? Pass?

I’m pretty bored with the games I have as well. I may pick this up, I’m really on the fence. It depends on what else is out at the same time. I

I am sure I will be getting this title. In the end, i have liked all the battlefield games

very possible i will be picking this up. definitely not getting the season pass or premium, whatever its called.

Same Grex. I’ll pass on the season pass and just pick up map packs if I’m still playing the game as I go.

I missed out on the last BF game, so I’ll most likely get this one, especially if it’ll be popular w/in the clan.

If this is a game people get behind I will. It will be good a year or so after release.

I’ll likely get it. I like Battlefield too much to pass it up. Unless it gets delayed again and releases too close to Battlefront.

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Isn’t BF4 their beta? Hardline should be fine.

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I’m in for cops and robbers

i think ill hold off until after a week its been out. if ive learned anything over the past few big releases, its that it will be broken the first week…

also depends on who else get it. playing by myself is boring as hell.

Absolutely. A pre-order for me.

Some brief info here.

Battlefield: Hardline will release with 51 weapons and 28 gadgets, First beta details on Weds and more

Nice. I’m assuming the beta will only be available for pre-orders.

No idea, guess we’ll find out Wednesday. I may have to pre-order just to try the beta. I’m iffy on this game but really desperate to play something new. Something PvP (unlike the endless PvE Destiny grind/full time job).

I’d like to see what other FPS titles are due out then. Mainly Rainbow Six.

Rainbow six needs to rock. Seriously


I am in the “Wait and See” camp. I certainly wonder if new development team will resolve the launch day shit sandwich that has plagued the BF franchise for two release cycles.

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They’re going to have an open beta so why not just give it a try? If the beta blows harder than @Gunny, then just skip it.

That’s what I plan to do.

It’s due out soon and a bunch of us will be trying it. Should be a good time.

It’s an open Beta so we should all be good to go.