Battlefield V's Frontlines and Domination Playlists Have Been Removed

When there are a variety of multiplayer modes on offer, it’s only natural that the community has their favourites. Battlefield V is no exception. After evaluating player data, DICE has had to make a tough decision regarding some of the game’s least popular modes, and the result is Frontlines and Domination will no longer have dedicated playlists.

The playlists will be removed this week. Both modes will still be available in Private Games, but for public matches, the team recommends that Domination players instead head over to the Squad Conquest mode, which will be receiving an update in the summer to include the Mercury, Narvik, and Devastation maps. Meanwhile, Frontlines fans can continue to play the mode in Grand Operations, and it will also be cycled in as part of Tides of War. There is a chance that Frontlines will be redesigned and reintroduced at a later date, and if the team does decide to do this, we’ll hear more about it next month.

The move follows the removal of Duos mode in Firestorm, and marks the start of a new policy where the team will remove modes where low player numbers create matchmaking frustration and result in lower quality matches. From now, the team will focus their resources into modes that are far more popular, like Conquest, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch. Rush, Grind, Fortress, and Outpost are other modes that will soon be improved and redeveloped for a better player experience too.

As well as the above news, the team wanted to clarify the issues over the recently reintroduced Pit Crew skin. When the skin was first released during Battlefield V Overture, it was an Uncommon skin that could be purchased with Company Coins, but this was an error. As such, the skin was removed from the Armory until it could be corrected. Last week’s update on May 22nd reinstated the skin at its correct Epic rating and with a new cost of 750 Battlefield Currency. The skin will now remain at its new value, but players who purchased the skin at its old value will still be able to keep it.

I read that as the population of BF5 players is so low they can’t have too many game modes. I tried to play BF5 when it came out but it’s just a watered down version of BF1.