Battleground Call Outs

I think we need to simplify how we call enemies out. We are using the compass but after that it’s still a guessing game.

I have noticed that Sacriel (a tactical streamer) and his group normally will call out the compass reading and then a description. For example North East, large rock, close or East, running to the large tree, far.

That way not only are we looking the right direction, but we have a idea of distance and what cover to look for. I know right now we just get over excited but if we can start simplifying our call outs and give more info at the same time we may be able to get a few more kills per round.

I think the biggest part is the distance after the direction. If I don’t have to scan up close I can go straight to finding the target in the distance and vice versa . It also will allow me to change scopes if needed without having to look first.

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