Battlegrounds tonight???

@ESOPlayers anyone want to run some battlegrounds tonight? Saw some videos and it looks cool.

I’m hopping on around 9CST

I will be around tonight jumping from game to game so just hit me up and I’ll see if we can get together. Wouldn’t mind running some Battlegrounds myself.

I’m out since I’m on vacation. I tried one last night but it put me with max level people.

I thought there was a under 50 battlegrounds?

If there isn’t a 50 and under then that sounds miserable.

The Activity Finder only has one option. I’m not sure how to get into under 50

It’s Canada Day here and we’re hitting fireworks and a pub. Not sure what time.

You get thrown in with max players, just no champion points. Unless your in there with some nit wits you get steamrolled by geared up players. Despite that, it does teach you how to adapt your skills quickly for killing or survival.

I could play some matches or I may fire up Friday 13th game later.

I am out then until I hit 50. Get enough abuse without playing level 50’s.

I’m not sure what’s going on with that. From reading the forums, it looks like it was supposed to be an option to pick a less than 50 group and then they never got around to implementing it on console. It also looks like you were supposed to be able to pick what kind of battleground event too.

Guess it’s time to grind…

21 down. 29 to go.

That’s what I thought and figured I queued up for it. To my surprise I got lumped in with 50s at 630 CP.

Try hards ruin everything.

No, I get their issue with under levels joining. I just thought there was supposed to be a 1-49 Battlegrounds.