Battlestar Galactica on the Big Screen

Wait ’til the old man hears about this! Those frakkin’ toasters over in Hollywood are once again trying their hand at bringing Battlestar Galactica to the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Michael DeLuca (The Social Network) is partnering with Bluegrass Films (Battleship) to develop the venerable sci-fi series as a franchise at Universal Pictures. No writers are attached to the project at this time, and little else is known about the planned iteration.


I would guess they would go back to the 70s style over the recent one which was more drama and limited action.

I bet they do a “combination” of the two. It will be shitty like the Fantastic 4 remake and just fail.

I don’t need a movie. I have both versions at my disposal and watch them on occasion. No reason to make a movie unless they have a new story.

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