Battletech Announced - Turn Based Mech Game

Paradox announced they have teamed up with Harebrained Schemes to make Battletech - a turn based mech game due to release in 2017 for PC.

Good thing I’ve been getting practise with a shovel in Sea of Thieves, this thread was buried deep! Anyways: @PCGamers

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Thanks for the mention, This game looks very enticing! Kinda reminds me of Civ but with robots

I’ve watched some streams and read some articles about it and I’m definitely picking it up. Apparently the management side is just as in-depth and detailed as the combat. There seems to be a lot of replayability in the singleplayer and room for tons of expansion content for campaigns.

How is it? It is currently on sale for 66% off. I am thinking of grabbing it. I loved the two Battletech The Crescent Hawks games back in the day.