Bethesda gearing up for something Fallout related tomorrow?

Their website has a countdown, with the “Please Stand By” message…

From their site:

(Why won’t the screenshot show now, @grex? It did in the preview before I posted.

And their Tweet:

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Please please please

please let it be so.

i think @JohnnyCornholer just fell off his chair.

not sure. i just replaced it with the embed link. Think it might only work for galleries.

when i go to the site. i just get a spinning wheel.

It could be getting hit hard right now, judging by how my Twitter TL has blown up about it. The spinning wheel is what you see first while it’s loading.

yeah i can see that.

Fallout Myrtle Beach, SC, fingers crossed


It has to have the old Pavilion though, and you should be able to loot rotten foot long hotdogs from Peaches.

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For those that are having trouble loading the site, the countdown ends at 10 AM Eastern tomorrow morning.

Any predictions on location?

I want it to be Chicago.

If the rumors are correct Boston will work.

My prediction is some where in California.

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Please please please Nebraska.


massachusetts, and def fallout related.

Fallout: Cornapocalypse

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Mutants would actually raise the collective IQ in the western half of Nebraska. Probably produce better looking women, too.

At least lets hope thats what is going on. There’s a thread on reddit right now where someone did some digging through the code of the website. Reddit Time will tell, but for now… All aboard the hype train, CHOO CHOO!

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In a dream world it would be saying now available via download once the timer runs out.

Here is the trailer. It will not work until 10AM est. I am currently very “excited” about this. :hushed:

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At 9:25…