Better Call Saul (Spoilers)

Loved the first episode last night and looking forward to tonight. The beginning with him managing Cinnabon was awesome. What made it even better is I am currently watching Breaking Bad when Saul goes to disappear. He actually tells Walter that if he is lucky he will be managing a Cinnabon somewhere. So great job by Gilligan tying this all together

I watched the first episode and it’s pretty good. I wasn’t sure what to expect from basically a “clown” character. While it’s not Breaking Bad, it’s not far off. This may turn out to be a really good series.

I had a little trouble following the timeline. Beginning/cinnabon was after Breaking Bad timeline, Jimmy McGill. is Saul starting out before Breaking Bad stuff?

The beginning is what happened to Saul after Breaking Bad but the premise of the show is previous to meeting Walt.

Episode 2 was really good. I’m digging this show so far.

Episode 3 is even better. If you are a Breaking Bad, fan do yourself a favor and watch this show.

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Not a lot of talk in the forums about Saul but it is a fantastic show and season 2 has been phenomenal. Starting to see how Saul and Mike become who they are is really a fun ride. Very confident that tonight’s finale will deliver.

The season so far has been great. It’s Breaking Bad with humor. Saul trying to get fired from his cushy job was hilarious.

Mike fucking with the Cartel is crazy. I’m sure that will come to a head tonight and we’ll see how this happens.

Great finale though it was light on the Mike side. You just knew Chuck was setting Jimmy up at the end.

Who put the note and set the horn off on Mike’s car? His cartel buddy was down by the house. Guess it was one of his lackeys.

And fuck Chuck. Jimmy does so much for that mental retard. Kind of like how I over see all of you retards.

I think Chuck became more hated last night than Skylar in the Breaking Bad/Saul world.

Interview with Bob Odenkirk.

@Das you were right.

“We were hoping it would be more of an open question at this point,” co-creator Peter Gould told Vanity Fair. “We had this—to us—this very bright idea of encoding the words ‘Fring’s Back’ in the episode titles. We worked very hard; more than that, the folks in our office, Jenn Carroll and Ariel Levine, worked very, very hard trying to help us figure that out. And we thought we’d be revealing it maybe sometime over the summer.”

“I guess we really underestimated the genius and hard work of our fans,” Gould said.

Gilligan added that “just because Fring’s back—technically speaking, if not literally—it doesn’t mean that folks should assume that they’ll see him at the beginning of Season 3. This is a character who is very circumspect. Very cautious. He does not reveal himself easily.”

Well, I can’t take credit. I only passed along what the nerds on IMDB said.

Marie was discussed as a cameo in the season 2 finale.

So they have taken the next step with last year’s hint of “FRING’S BACK” with this Better Call Saul teaser.

Just finished this on Netflix (disk). Only problem is it is so intense the rest of the shows on tv are like cartoons. Well not everything but it is really good acting. Just received Banshee season three disk today. That is a Cinemax series that is good.

I think you meant Better Call Saul so moved it here. If not I can move it back out.

Yeah, should have searched first, thanks.

Saw a commercial last night that the season premiere will be April 10th.