BF Hardline 2/3

Who’s up for some Hardline action tonight? Provided Live and Hardline both work. I’ll be on around 9ish EST and I’ll start forming up a squad then.

I would be in. I still need to download the beta.

Should be on.

I went to the Games & Apps section on live and it’s one of the available titles to download.

There is a tab for it on the main page on xbox live.

I’m game - will be a nice departure from kickin’ the shit out of dragons and whatnot in DA:I.

I’m in

I’ll be on. Hopefully around 9est

Just played a quick match of Conquest Large. It feels like BF4 Cops and Robbers to me.

Is that good or bad?

I think it’s going to be more personal preference. For conquest, I prefer BF4. I haven’t tried the new modes yet as I was having problems keeping my One connected, only to find out there are issues for people in the Xbox One Preview program from last nights update with staying connected to live.

I’ll try the other modes in a bit if I can and see what they are like.

I have a meeting at 730 tomnighth and then picking up my daughter at 10 so I should be able to squeeze in an hour.

I played it a bit this afternoon and it was a good time. I look forward to seeing if its better with a team

Ah that is what has been effecting me all day. Keeps telling me I need to update my console.

Just got done with a first match of conquest. since a lot of ppl are still new i raped with the patrol heli. it’s fun. nice to be back in such a huge game. i can’t wait to try hotwire.

flying low a dude with a shotgun blew up my patrol heli - LIGHT ARMOR
Dust storm, cross hairs in heli dissapear.
Mobile command center only take 3 (I THINK) frags to be blown up
one stinger takes out ALL choppers…
driving in circles in a MBC with music blaring is FUN

Not looking good for me. Live is messed up. It’s just fubar.

PlayStation bro

I would but, the kids are using it every night for PvZ. The Live service is just so sucky overall imo. It always seems to be down, or the items on the dashboard take forever to load. Seems I have issues every time I’m doing something with Live.

Had a great time playing with everyone last night but am on the fence here leaning towards a not buy for me. As someone had said last night it feels like an expansion rather than a full game.

Heist is basically capture the flag with snipers setting up in the parking garages. Hotwire is a lot of fun but I think long term it becomes just demolition derby with everyone in vehicles. Large conquest…well I have that in BF4.

Anybody feeling differently?

Felt like a shitty mod and made me want to just play vanilla BF4.

It reminded me of all the mods that came out for Half Life. Graphics were weak (maybe low res textures to keep download small??). The game types were frantic and confusing.

I’m leaning on not buy. It should really just be a $30 expansion to BF4.