BF1 controller dead zone

I’ve learned a lot about controller sensitivities and dead zones while trying to perfect my controller in PUBG. BF1 dead zone by default is 22%. I read that it’s not uncommon for games to have 25-30% for deadzone. This is high IMO. I dropped my right analog on BF1 down to 5-10 and I have so much more controller at those more precise movements when aiming down the sights. I highly recommend giving it a try. Start at 5 and go up by 1-2 if you get drifting.

There are tons of settings in there. Check out the advanced tab in there.

Yeah i learned alot about that when doing the controller thing with swtor. 5% is really low. I had my set at around 10-15%. But then it depends on the game and how much range you really need.

it also depends on the controller and how loose the analog is.


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Does that mean i’ll be better at BF1? I end up shooting a whole mag at a guy and he’s still up and kill me in one shot.

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