BF1 CTE for XB1 and PS4

I really enjoyed the CTE for BF4. Great chance to give feedback and make the game better all around.

I’d enjoy some DLC. Not sure why they spaced that out so far apart.

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Back to BF4!

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We had fun the last time we ran BF4. Make sure to grab Dragon’s Teeth if you don’t already have the DLC.

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I’m pretty sure that I somehow got BF4 plus all DLC and Hardline all for free at one point.
Will double check for that DLC.

I thought this article is interesting regarding input lag of different games Battlefield 1 vs COD IW. Has Overwatch and Doom as well.

Wasn’t sure which thread to add to as it included a few games.

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When in doubt, create a new thread. New threads make that Lala happy!

Watching that video and they show MW Remaster and Bog. Sure the map was unbalanced but I loved it anyway.

I’m surprised CoD is so much better than other games since it doesn’t have dedicated servers.

Will do. Yes me too. To me Battlefield 1 felt so much better than Battlefield 4 in terms of MP and better then COD IW guess its all those " other factors they discuss" Either way improvement in BF1 frostbite engine

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