BF1 In The Name of The Tsar

Does anyone know when the next DLC will be coming out for BF1? I know it’s called In The Name of The Tsar but I can’t find any date other than “late summer”. This release schedule sucks. I’m getting tired of the standard maps and the last DLC Map pack was meh at best.

Sucks as this game will most likely get forgotten once Destiny 2 ships. I’d like to at least get some time in on new maps. BF1 made me do what I promised I’d stop at The Division, pre pay for DLC. I should of learned my then.

Don’t worry. I got fucked by Ubisoft so many times.

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That’s doubtful as June is almost here. The hype train would of started by now. Plus, they always give premium members 2 early access weeks.