BF1 Platoons!

Platoons have been rolled out onto Battlefield 1’s Community Test Environment today, March 29, and DICE is looking for feedback on the new feature. The Platoon feature allows you to create a clan, essentially, and coordinate with your Battlefield 1 gaming community. In addition, you can represent your Platoon with a unique tag, link private servers for Platoon use, set a detailed emblem, and implement Platoon ranks. Here’s all the information about the current Battlefield 1 Platoon Beta program.

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Nice. Surprised they did not have this earlier.

You know GRG will have one and we will create one as soon as we can.

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About time. I’m not sure why this wasn’t available at launch.

Just a heads up all… I just saw that a pretty robust looking platoon setup is in CTE right now. I think it was Westie had a YouTube video about it… looks pretty good

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Thanks for the info

I really like the squad names and the pennant on the flag pole if your platoon captures the flag that is really cool.

Yeah… So we’re gonna need an awesome flag… because it will be seen all over The Battlefield. Not saying I’m the guy to make one… I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler…

if @Lala_Calamari had his way it would be this


Works for me

Here’s some good ones. :wink:

I think I found us a winner! You’re welcome!


No, it’s really the dog pooping. It’s a long standing GRG / 2old2shoot tradition. Just accept it.


Totally down with the dog pooping… That flag goes up… you just got shit on, by a bunch of oldsters

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I also like the pooping dog!



It’s Mostly Maui Waui man, but it’s got some Labrador in it___emphasized text

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It’s all Lab. Labs are the official dogs of GRG. Shit, I have 3 and plenty of dog poop.

I think it’s less about being shit on and more about us just being shit. That or we’re just grown up children and think pooping is funny. I blame @Claude505.

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At what age does pooping become not funny?

I’d say when it becomes involuntary.