BF5 Beta Squad UP 9/10

Who wants to squad up for some BF5 Beta action? It’s an open beta so anyone can join in. I’ll be firing up a room around 9 PM EST. Just hop into the party and let’s kick some ass!


I’ve heard such great things about the beta, that I would love to, but I have to wash my hair tonight.


Sheep listen to other’s opinions…

Besides, I’m a professional Podcast host for a well respected gaming podcast. I need to do my research. I’m sure the other hosts are doing the same.

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There is a beta?

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You wouldn’t know, I don’t see anyone playing this on my Friends list. It’s a shame as the maps are pretty good.

Ok so I will do this and you can then cover talking about Spiderman and 2k on the podcast got it!

And Johnny can just lie and tell us he played all three!

I’m down for pc. Origin tag is fawkernot.