BioWare Promises "Surprises" On N7 Day

You can’t blame fans for wondering if a big Mass Effect news announcement is coming on November 7 considering BioWare went dark in the aftermath of the Mass Effect: Andromeda reveal during E3. Today the studio said it has no plans for a “major announcement” regarding the game. but nonetheless urges fans to “keep an eye out on Saturday for some surprises that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.”

On November 7 BioWare is celebrating its beloved trilogy with a charity livestream, new Mass Effect merchandise announcements, and some giveaways. Click on the link here to donate to the Extra Life charity and learn more about the planned festivities.


i know xbox now has BC, but im still hoping they release ME 2 and 3 for PS4… i played one and never had time to get into 2 or 3.

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