Black Desert Celebrates 100 Days on Xbox with a New Class and Various Rewards

Black Desert has been available on Xbox for 100 days now, and developer Pearl Abyss will be adding the Shai class along with a number of items to celebrate this milestone. Shai is a class that lacks physical power but specializes in support. She wields a boomerang called the Florang as well as the Vitclari, a lantern used to buff allies while debuffing enemies. You can check out her character trailer below.

The 100 day celebration item rewards will be available for a limited time and can all be obtained for one loyalty each. The full list of items is as follows:

Players will be able to create and customize their Shai starting June 19th, then play as the class when the update goes live on June 26th.

Are we going to lose @Grex?

I need to start playing this again it’s a lot of fun, there’s just so much else to play nowadays though it’s hard to find time for a grind fest game

Nah. I just cant get back into that game. Like trying to go back to gw2.

You want to play GW2??

Sweet, let me reinstall.

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