Black Desert Online - PC Reapers Unite

Seems a few Reapers have shown interest and slipped into Black Desert Online. Join me online and in Discord channel “Current Shiny Penny” as you begin your adventures trying to figure out why the black creepy smoke keeps talking to you…

Find Character Surnames/Family Names in the following thread and add yours as well:
Black Desert Online GRG Clan/Guild & Family Names

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For those that need it…we will help ya:

  • get invested into some nodes and start your crafting/trading pipelines
  • Explain housing and crafting shops
  • Contribution Points; What they are and how to get them
  • UI; customization and purpose of various aspects

And in the end…so good ole Hack’n’slash of npcs.

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Awesome time tonight. Thx to @GrumpyInUt , Red Ryderr, and @Grex making it out throughout night.

Lots of laughs with Grumpy as we went exploring and somehow managed to get a fishing boat stuck in a river.

The game continues to be a blast. We literally went hours without doing combat and never came to a point of boredom. The game continues to impress and show little gems around each corner. The detail into each aspect of the game has been well thought out.

There is no fast travel…definitely took us 20-30min to travel back to one of the cities we were previously at.

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Nice so you finally got that fishing boat? How much did it cost you?

20 million. lol

lol yeah we know that 20million will get you one… So right now the fishing boat price range is between 10 million and 20 million.