Black Desert Online’s Massive Valencia Expansion Gets Release Date; Adds 30% to the World’s Size

Daum Games Europe announced today that the massive Valencia Part 1 expansion for Black Desert Online will hit North America and Europe on June 1st. They also released a batch of screenshots of the beautiful and dangerous desert region, which you can check at the bottom of the post.

Like Mediah before it, it will add a further 30% to the landmass you can explore including the desert itself and the beautiful (and enormous) Middle East-inspired city of Valencia. It’s actually quite a lot bigger than the Mediah expansion, but I guess this is calculated as 30% of the original plus Mediah.

The new content increases the size of the world by an additional 30% and also brings hundreds of new quests, some of which extend the main storyline.

With Valencia Part One, players will be able to journey to an expansive desert region where exploration will take a completely different turn. Extreme heat during daytime requires proper hydration, and intense cold at night requires players to stay warm. Additionally, a new weather effect, sandstorm, inflicts damage unless players set up a tent to protect themselves. The minimap will be unavailable, but getting lost is not all bad―who knows what treasure your shovel may strike?

Regular horses and wagons are not ideal to traverse the desert and will see their speed lowered. Thankfully, players will be able to purchase Camels from NPCs, which fare much better in these harsh conditions. Another new mount, the Guild-owned Elephant, serves as a powerful war mount in sieges.
On top of that, node and castle siege warfare will be added on June 15th, starting a trial period to let players familiarize themselves with the system. After two weeks, results will be wiped and the real deal will start. Node and castle siege is a guild vs guild PvP system that involves truly massive battles.

The valencia part one expansion also brings new weapons, armor and accessories (like the Rocaba armor set that grants an evasion bonus and the Rosar weapons that ignore resistances), new crafting recipes and crops, and the increase of enchantment limits to +20.

Since Daum Games did not release a trailer, at the bottom of the post I also added the official trailer of the expansion for the Korean version, to give you an idea of the land, since the contents should be very similar.

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