Black Desert Online Screen Shots

This game is gorgeous. The screenshot taker is the most robust thing I have seen in a MMORPG. Post them if you take them…

Game looks great. It’s very detailed.

here are some quick ones i did up. did not really use any filters

Will post some soon but my chick is hotter.

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Is that PC game?

Yes PC only.

some fun with in-game filters

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omg, Instagram filters?

The game sure looks good.

Underwater Shot

Some slut fishing

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Awesome pics

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@D1G1TALC1PHERS what format are you snapping your pictures…everytime i try to upload…i am getting message that file size is too large

I am not uploading them to the website. I upload them to imgur and posted the links.


Not sure if this is real but definitely the stuff of nightmares.


updated my look at started messing with dyes.


Made an alt. went witcher style ona Musa class.

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Just got some new underwear off an event.

Still Ike my current set better

Been telling everyone this is why you play it all the time. To stare at Kahura.

cmon’ the game has boob and ass physics.