Black Desert Online - Xbox Open Beta

Officially Announced to start on Nov 8th

Sign Up Here.

Open beta Details and special event calender

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Just a quick note that a PS4 release is expected but nothing official yet, no dates or beta announced for that platform either.

So you might want to get the open beta on Xbox even just to see how the console port has gone.

Registered. I’m curious to see Kahula in game.


Some details on the beta

No cash shop will be in the beta and no progress will carry over to the full release. Content-wise, during the Black Desert Xbox beta, players will have the option to pick between the following classes: Berserker, Ranger, Sorceress, Warrior, Witch and Wizard. An Xbox Live Gold subscription will be required to play.

FYI. For those that have not played, classes are gender locked.


  • Berzerker
  • Warrior
  • Wizard


  • Ranger
  • Sorceress
  • Witch
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What sucks for me is that this opens on the 8th and for once in a blue moon, i have to travel for work the 11-15th.

Sweet, so I’ll be a higher level then you. I’ll just grieve you all day long when you join.

I only want to get on so I can take the name Kahura before Grex gets it.

What and neglect Kahula? I wont allow it.

Kahura is reborn.
Family name: StCroix

Velia server.

First impressions.

The UI has been completely revamped for console and is generally intuitive.

Sound is a bit muffled and Graphics are grainy ( I am on the XOne). I hear though with the One X you can turn on 4k in the settings and it looks awesome if you can support it.

Gameplay was pretty smooth even in congested areas. Movement is not bad with the camera on the left stick. Combat is smooth. (key to combat in bdo is that moves build into combos, so learn the controller combinations) The tutorial will have you do one in the learning to fight quest.

Auto-run is present so if you ever not sure where to go just turn on autorun, it will take you right to the marker. Sometimes it will tell you turn in but not have a direction and tell you to check quest tracker. This might be from the black ghost. You can pull him up anywhere by pressing down on the d-pad.

Edited to add: @Lala_Calamari there is a brightness setting, 2 if you have HDR enabled. The OG xbox has none.

Screw that creepy thing.

Also you will see messages about gaining skills and skill points. Skills must be learned before use. Skill points are used to learn more skills and/or level up existing skills. It does not explain this really at all. maybe at a later point it will but i havent gotten to that part yet.

The UI fails in this area as on the PC its built out in tree format, not on the console. Simple list format there.

Note: you will only get a limited amount of points in game, so you cannot unlock everything. you can reset them though.

Velia is is. Family of Silentclaw is born.

Seveneleven, beserker, of the family Dumpster at your service.


Played a bit more last night and i must says the servers were handling it really well. The starter area was swarmed with people and the mobs were respawning as fast as they were dying.

There is a quest area where you have to spawn in an instance boss for yourself but everyone else can see it but only you and your party can attack it. There must have been several up at once. Some good FPS drops but almost no lag. An absolute seizure fest with attack effects of probably around 100 people and the same amount of mobs.

It is just like the pc version with the tweaked ui, which still needs some tweaking. Overall a really good beta. Might be able to get some more time in this weekend, but i think i a really good port. Still not sure how i feel about the afk aspects cause there is no way i am leaving my box on 24/7.

I will get this game if GRG has interest.

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They are running special events in game. I updated the op with the details

I played a little yesterday. It is framey and the intro was basically a demo of screen tearing. I have never had screen tearing with any other game on the X. It does look decent on the X and I am sure they will optimize it better. I didn’t go into options to see what I could toggle.

Yeah the intro video is painful. I attributed that to being the OG but if your seeing it on the x as well then that is rough.

Kahura can’t be in a game without her slutty sister Kahula there to give their family a bad name.

I tried my hardest to get a good pron star name and after an hour of trying names (even regular names) I eneded up with Seveneleven Dumpster. Naming a toon in a MMO is the most painful thing now days. Almost named it NumberOne Toon.

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