Black Friday. Do you partake in the carnage?

Personally I have not shopped on this day for quite some time. We do most of our shopping online. (Cyber Monday anyone) Even the mrs has said “fuck that” a long time ago. So does anyone still brave the public and scour for the deals, only to get there and find out they were sold out last week.

  • I’m a sucker, and my better half is forcing me
  • Depends on the deals
  • Hell No

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A great big HELL NO !!!

Once, never again. Wife loves to go, so I tell her to take her Mother or Sister. I get the deals can be awesome some times, but with the advantageous aspects of online, why would one want to go to the store? Guess some people enjoy it though.

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Wal Mart’s going to put the deals online this year instead of the hourly specials. It seems people were literally fighting each other over the limited deals.

Isn’t this why is a thing?

The wife and I used to take a day off and go shopping for the boys when they were little. It was fun to hit Toys R Us and get a their toys. Now they’re past that and so are we with the crowds. We’ll still take the day off but go get a good lunch and do some Christmas things.

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almost all the deals are online in some way or another so i just shop online. usually done before thanksgiving even starts.

I did once while I was in college. I was about 4th or 5th in line to check out, and some middle aged woman kept hitting the back of my leg with her cart. After about the 5th time or so I told her I was going to roll her cart across the store with her in it if she kept it up. Damn hag. Never again.


Never have Never will. if it involves shopping with packed crowds i’ll just order online and have it drop shipped. so much safer. the mob mentally is crazy

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Only do online Black Friday-esque now that a few bucks isn’t make or break for the family. Used to do it for a few years early on in the 90s…and was lucky to survive it. Never again.

I’d love to grab a 6-pack and a lawn chair, and set up shop outside one of these stores.

Screw all of the department/retail stores, go to your local beer store and buy Bourbon County Beers.

I wait for cyber monday when all the good sites have amazing deals

I just find its a countdown to site crashes as they fail to deal with the jump in traffic.

I’ll be there with the war paint on and the elbows flying!