Black Ops 2 - Backwards Compatable

Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the single most-requested Xbox 360 game for Xbox One backwards compatibility on the Xbox Feedback site, was added to the catalog today.

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Microsoft’s Major Nelson confirmed this on Twitter. If you already own the game for Xbox 360, it should show up automatically in your Xbox One game library. If not, you can pick it up right now on your console or through the Xbox Store website. Additionally, the game is included in the Xbox Live spring sale.

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Ok, who wants to plays some Black Ops 2??? @codplayers

I’m assuming you can download the DLC as well?

I am so fully in

This sounds good. Hopefully it plays well

I dont even give a fuck if it plays well. I just need a decent COD game as MWR is not cutting it

@HAWKLANDER should be happy as well.

Where is Hawk? We need to send out the Search and Rescue Team.

When? I’m in.

Right Meow!

I’m installing it now. So whenever.

Of course, it goes BC today and XBOX live is fucked up.


Could not have been released at a better time for me . I am off Thursday and Saturday Ana Sunday as well. I will be playing the shit out of this !!! With diamond como on all my guns of course.

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Was playing well earlier today but a little laggy this evening as people get it downloaded and more people get on to play

Yes in !

Well, I’m giving up for the night.

I can’t get on any dl’do or digital stuff.

I’d offer to run a room tomorrow night, but can’t promise that I’ll be able to.

I’ll run the room tomorrow. This game is a lot of fun. Good ole days of CoD. Let’s fill up a lobby for community night!

I’m in for some BO2. This was one of the first games I join the community in. This is Activision way of making up for the disaster know as infinite warfare. @beers_and_leafs, @HAWKLANDER, @Azalin4savioR, @Ahobbs2121. See you guys in The lobbies

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I’m one game closer to be able to get rid of my 360.

Zombies anyone? I have all the maps

I’ll be hosting one for sure, probably by 830e. We should have a good turnout I would imagine

I’ll be up for some, but I’ll have to remember the maps.

We can do some private STicks and fucking stones!!!

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