Black Ops 3 Multiplayer, What we know so far

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Rule #1: Always dual wield while taking a shit. You can never be too safe![/caption]

So with the Beta coming up in just 10 days(and it being a Sunday in which I am at work and bored). I figured we can go over what we know about Black Ops 3 so far. Will this be complete? nope. Accurate? fairly. Coherent? Probably not. All info was compiled from various sources including but not limited to Youtube, Internet, Gamescom livestream, Twitter. I have linked Youtube vids (cuz they get paid to explain thisshit in length).

Release date: 11-6-2015(finally a Friday)

Beta Dates: 8/19/15 thru 8/24/15 (PS4)

8/26/15 thru 8/30/15 (XB1 & PC)

Exclusivity: Sony gets one week early access to beta and 1 month exclusivity on all DLC and Extra Content also competitive appears to be moving to PS4(Regardless of the fact that most players wanted it released across all platforms at the same time because Activision loves money and Sony had more of it to give them)

How many people can play? There will be 4v4(Arena or League play), 6v6(Casual), and 9v9(Ground War)

Known game modes: TDM, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, Domination, S&D, CTF, Uplink.

SO there are no Exo Suits(Thankfully) but you do have Thrust movements (thrust jump, slide) which are not as fast as exo movements and used more for maneuverability(all combat appears to be ground based). There is also Wallrunning(ala Titanfall) and swimming( you can shoot while doing both). Panic knifing is gone, a melee is now a two hit kill, there is however a Knife you can equip as a secondary for one hit kill but it takes up a slot of your pick 10.

There are now characters, called Specialists, that you pick to play as. You will be able to customize your Specialist(different outfits and such). Each Specialist has an ability and weapon(ala Destiny) unique to them. When you select a specialist you can choose to use either their ability or weapon(not both).

Weapons in the game appear to be ARs, SMGs, Snipers, LMGs, Pistols, Launchers, and Specials. One new gun revealed at Gamescom is the M8A7 which is a followup to the popular M8A1 from Blops 2. Gunsmith is the new way to customize your weapons, gone are the variants from AW. You now design you own Variants to rename and eventually share your designs with others. you have 64 separate layers on 3 different sides that are customizable. Lethals & Tacticals have returned, C4 has been changed in the fact that it has to hit an object before it can be detonated. There are some new perks as well as some fans favorites returning. It wouldn't be Call of Duty without Scorestreaks, some new ones revealed at Gamescom are The Guardian, Power Core, and the H.A.T.R. The H.A.T.R is the V-sat but it can be shot down with launchers, The Power Core is the new EMP however now it is a physical object that can be destroyed(we deserve this after the system hack lol)

As far as Esports and Arena go Treyarch is trying to implement a new rule structure where there are no set rules or bans for competitive but rather it is determined by the people playing before each match played. They have instituted the Ban & Protect System and the Specialist Draft. I believe that this is very interesting and adds a new Meta-game and keeps people from relying on just one type of loadout. If your bored here is the Full Gamescom Esports Reveal.

Well that's all for me right now, hopefully you find this helpful information leading up to the beta and on making your decision to pre-order in the first place.

Dave aka Klown4Life

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Is there a beta sign up? Haven’t really been interested in it since I didn’t care for AW’s bionic suit jumping things. If you all are interested, I’ll at least try the beta.

Think you have to preorder to get into the Beta.

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Mercenary mode returns