Black Ops 3

We first heard the news about Call Of Duty: Black Ops III a couple weeks ago when they showed off a pretty ambiguous teaser trailer. Well we now have a slightly less ambiguous teaser that gives us a couple bits of info about the next installment in the franchise. We know it will take place about 50 years in the future, and have something to do with genetically and technologically modified humans.

More information can be expected in the next few days, as the world reveal of Black Ops III is set to take place on April 26th.

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Another modified soldier game? I think I’m ready to return to the WW2 CoD titles.

May pass on this and just go with Battlefront. I am waiting for actual game play for both in order to make my decision.

It looks like they’re borrowing heavily from Deus Ex. Not sure that I’m interested in their take on a game I’ve already played.