Black Ops Cold War bug disconnects PlayStation controller

A game-breaking glitch in Black Ops Cold War is turning off PlayStation users controllers.

During the beta, PlayStation users reported their controllers being turned off when loading into multiplayer matches. After the bug report gained traction on Reddit, Treyarch responded and announced they were investigating the issue.

Now that the full game has launched, PlayStation users report that the bug has reappeared.

Controller Disconnecting

In the third mission in the campaign, titled Fractured Jaw, the controller disconnects. As you start the mission, the controller begins flashing and cannot be used. Once the controller is disconnected, it can’t be reconnected until the PS4 is reset.

This bug occurred in our playthrough, and many other players have taken to social media to report the bug, meaning this isn’t an isolated incident. Players have also reported controllers disconnected while playing multiplayer and Zombies.

A temporary solution that players are reporting works is changing the controller’s connection from Bluetooth to USB. To do this, plug the Dualshock into the console via USB, then navigate settings to find Devices, select Controller, and then change the Communication Method from Bluetooth to USB Cable.

Treyarch has not yet acknowledged the issue. As Black Ops Cold War only launched today, bugs and issues are to be expected and addressed over the coming days.

Published 2 seconds ago on November 13, 2020
By Liam Mackay

My XBOX One X crashed when I launched multi-player during the cut scene. I will transfer it to the internal drive after work and see if that fixes it.