Black Ops III movement Tutorial ... Holy Fuck !!!!!


Did you also notice at the very start of the video , when the player threw the grenade and the other player caught FIRE !!!


Wasn’t originally on my radar, but I’m liking everything I’m seeing so far. Might have to pre-order it up and give the beta a shot…

looks pretty solid. They are getting very close to the arena style shooter with the speed. Yeah quick scoping is never going away

At least I didn’t see any tubes being used .

Looks like titanfall without the titans.

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5 more days!!

The pace of COD keeps getting faster and faster. It keeps pushing me farther and farther away. Boooo…


You COD lovers would go insane going back to COD2.

YES! Love me some molotovs and incendiary nades.

It did seem alot more playable after watching Ali A videos. Anxious for the beta.

Pretty sure it doesn’t, think I heard that watching an Ali A video

Any ranking up is for the beta only it does not transfer over to the full game

How did you pre order it. Digitally or in store?

In store for me, not sure how I’m supposed to redeem. Signed up with the code on the receipt, not sure what happens next

If you preordered at a store and entered the code from the receipt on the COD site you should get an email with a beta token to download the beta, it starts @ 12am PST on 19th(PS4) or 26th(X1, PC) I don’t know when you will get the code probably after the beta goes live. If you preorder digitally you should just be notified when you can download the beta on the respective system(no beta code needed)

download is live now if you didn’t already know

@anon58190329 - I think that’s going around.
Should be fun next week.