Black Ops III video

Driftor made a video about the Good , the Bad and the Ugly about Black Ops III . It was a long 15 min. vid in which he talked about all the perks , guns, kill streaks and abilities in the game . I do not know why the video was pulled or by whom . Maybe he said say something wrong or leaked something that he should not have . The video was mostly positive about the game with very little negativity being said and he did go in very in depth about some of the how guns and stuff played in game . Why the video was pulled I have no idea .

he tweeted he messed up the audio and is going to repost it.

i assume these guys played for hours and made good notes, then slowly release the notes in videos to keep their views and income going.

I know one video posted by a youtuber, noah-somethingorother, the guy said he was able to play and record for 4 hours, I believe, during the big E3 hubub.