Black Ops PS4 Beta codes

I have two codes to give away for the PS4 beta. DM me if you want a code.

One left. @grimdawg83 has claimed one.

All claimed. @unobtainaballs got the second.

Hope it went better for them than your Xbox Preview Program invites went for me and lala.

Amazing. Beers even tried twice. Any shit for him? Nooooooooo.

Don’t be jealous because we have real corn.

Anyone have any others?

i’m still waiting on my email from my pre-order, when i get it ill have 3 codes to give out.

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@skivir was nice enough to provide me with some Beta codes. I have two.

Let me know if you need one. :smile:

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you downloading it?

I am indeed. 10 minutes left.

Ten?! When did you start?

Pshh…I dunno. Like 30 minutes ago.

This has taken best part of 7h and is halfway through…


Your Token: 25TP-2PNT-GAQ7

Friend Token: NRL2-PJNA-ET22

Friend Token: M5PT-T2NQ-3MQ4

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