Blind raids

Is there anyone interested in doing the raid blind?

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That’s how most of this bunch raids, blind. Either that or they just outright suck.

Seriously though, I need to get raid ready first. I’m not sure what the LL requirements are. If I get there in time with my Hunter, I’ll give it a go.

LL requirement is still unknown.

Mild spoilers within this blog article from Eurogamer, with what we do know so far.

In an effort to stay up to date with the D2 info I’ve been listening to some podcasts focused on it and all of them have said how raiding blind is one of there favorite things to do and I wasn’t sure how everyone felt about it.

I wasn’t knocking it, I was just breaking GRG’s balls a bit. It’s one of my only perks with running GRG.

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I prefer running blind. Half the fun. At least at first.

I didn’t think u were knocking it just didn’t know if there was anyone else that wanted to do it or not. I figured if I put it up it would at least plant the seed in others minds.

I’m in.

When are you guys going to do this? I’m in

I’m down for a blind raid. I work next week during the week, but Friday and Saturday I have free and clear. As for the level, the cap is 300, nightfall is 240, so I’m guessing raid will be 260-70 with hard mode at 280-90.

I am down. Hopefully be up to LL in time.

I’m already seeing 270+ on my friends list so I’m assuming minimum will be 280 for the Raid. Who knows, maybe even higher.

What night works best for everyone?

260 is softcap for blues, 270 is softcap for legendaries, 275 is legendary cap plus mods, everything after that is pure grind…

I can’t imagine it would be higher than 270.

The same ones who will say “there’s not enough content” I’m sure


If I can level there will do it. Starting on strikes today

Playing blind is the best game mode that GRG members are best at .

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Most are blind from spanking it all the time.

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That’s my goal, get LL high enough to run the raids. Sooner the better. Blind on not. Maybe we can post the youtube guide to running the raids.

I’m in. From what I’ve seen on twitterverse and other sources it’s 20-30 power levels above the nightfall as an estimate . Not that a simple thing as being underpowered is enough to stop most people from trying.