BLOPS 3 Tournament Date and Times

I just wanted to clear up some possible confusion about the tournament.

It’s scheduled for 1/27/16. We’ll start forming teams up at 9:00 PM EST. Games will start 9:30 PM EST.

We really need games to start on time as we play back to back. This is a one night tournament and we need play 3 rounds and then the best 2 teams play the Championship round.

I’m not sure if everyone was aware of the times but it’s extremely important to start at 9:30 PM EST.

If you can not make that time, let me know ASAP. I’ll locate a sub for your team.


Azz has already started Carb loading for the tournament. I will be doing the same.


Why the fuck would @Azalin4savioR need to carb load? He just needs this:

And maybe some marshmallows.