Bluetooth Earbud Recommendations

I need some new ear buds for my morning commute, working out, and using at the office. The corded ones I’ve used all tend to fail after about 6 months, so I’m looking for some better quality and would like to go wireless/bluetooth. Any suggestions? I hate AirPods, so those aren’t an option

So as I put in chat these are great unless you want ones that go in your ear, these dont, they use bone conduction and do it very well. The sound is clear and loud when you want and has great bass to match. I used mine every day till my dog ate mine. And when I worked I just put in ear plugs which enhances the volume as well. I’d ran the town track in the late evenings and have an open ear was always nice as well


Airpods look like people left Q-Tips in their ears.

I only use mine at the gym. I originally had Jaybirds X4s but the right bud would always slip out after getting all sweaty (I love doing Richard Simmon’s Sweating to the Oldies. You should see my short shorts). It’s a shame as they sounded great.

Jaybird X4s

I needed a pair asap but wanted to look into them. So I picked up a cheapo pair of Ankers for 25 bucks to hold me over. I liked these because of the wrap around for the ears. They stay in with no issues. How do they sound and work? Good enough for 25 bucks and for messign around at the gym. Someday I’ll upgrade to something a bit nicer.

Anker Soundbuds

How much are you looking to spend? What is your version of wireless? Just a couple of dots in your ears? Or will a short lanyard type work? A lot is preference, but the biggest thing is going to be price.

I have a pair of westone UM Pro 10. They sound great and are good for me. Light on the low end, but will produce nicely.

These are wired, but you can get a Bluetooth lanyard style adapters. I have these and they work really well. The listen time is around 4-6 hours depending on how old they get. I use them everyday in my hour half each way commute. I also charge them when I get to work each day and they are fine.

NICEHCK HB1 Bluetooth 4.1…

Or you could go with these
Westone Bluetooth V2 Earphone & in-Ear Monitor Cable Microphone MMCX Connector 12 Hours Battery Life

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Thanks for these and I’ll take a look through shortly. I’d say I’d like to keep them at or below $100, knowing that you typically get what you pay for with this type of tech

Thanks from me too, I was thinking about getting some wireless headphones myself.

Mostly for my phone on the commute (which can be loud and filled with obnoxious people).
Partly also for my home PC since my existing ones are all falling to pieces.

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I have these. They are more than you want to spend but I like them a lot. I only use them on the treadmill but they stay in my ears well and sound good.

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Those are really nice Digital. I may go over budget to get those but the battery life sucks balls (5 hours). I have a 90 minute commute each way and looking for something that I wouldn’t have to charge while I’m at work.

Do they really only last 5 hours before needing a quick recharge?

I have never used them for 5 hours straight but that is probably accurate. The case itself is also a battery and would give you another 10 hours (2 charges) before having to plug them back in for a full charge.

Few guys in my office use those and love them.

Ya they are awesome I really need to get another pair, i work in a loud area sometimes and being able to use proper ear protection and still have my podcasts is perfect

Hate to say this, but I’ve had 3 pairs, all different brands, jaybirds was one of them…But the way i trained and sweated, they all die…so a good wired apple headphone works until it doesn’t and its cheap, not 60-150 each…I will pay for quality but so far have yet to find anything that is not shit, over time

I think it’s just you. You seem to have an issue with electronics. Broken game controllers and now broken earbuds.

And @Grex wants the sweaty workout pics.

here ya go from last fall…note wired earbuds


Bottle that sweat up for me. K, thanks

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How well does the noise cancelation work? I have some cheap LG Tones and they pick up everything!

I’m not exactly sure on that one they have a dual mic system and supposedly filter out background noise better with it. I’m not knowledgeable enough to really understand how it all works but I never had problems and I work in an sometimes loud area

Not a fan of active noise cancel unless it’s done really well… I will say the only thing Bose does well is active noise cancel in headphones and the QC series are great. Right @Lala_Calamari?

With that said, I use ear plug style buds that you squeeze down to fit in your ear and they expand. They last quite a long time but as they get older it does lose the springy-ness.

I’m more concerned with the mic. I use a Bluetooth at work and people complain about being able to hear everything in the background.

Ya I never had that problem as far as I know, at least no one complained

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