Borderlands 3 Aiming for 60 FPS on Xbox One X

When Borderlands 3 was added to the Microsoft Store at the start of last month, the pre-order page revealed the game would have Xbox One X enhancements, including 4K Ultra HD and HDR 10. In an interview with Windows Central, developer Gearbox Software’s producer Chris Brock confirmed the team is also aiming for 60 frames per second on the Xbox One X console.

The frame rate is not completely confirmed for Xbox One X, but the developer has confirmed that the base consoles will be locked to 30 FPS. The overall intention is to let players choose between graphics and performance with a variety of options available.

Which will you prefer? You have just over four months to decide before the game is released on September 13th.

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It is an animated, cartoony style game with lots of explosions and fast movement.

All day long.

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Cartoony in the best way possible right?

Oh yeah I really enjoy it.
Just in no way require it in 4K.

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