Borderlands 3 - Legendaries Have / Want Thread

Ok fellow fanbois…! Time to support eachother in our quest for becoming as OP as possible. Easiest way to that is sharing what legendary drops we can farm amoungst ourselves. Post up what you have and what you want. See something that someone wants…pay it forward! You get the idea you potatoes.

Have: All level 50s
Arctic Diciplined Night Hawkin (SMG), 10% crit damage
Damned (AR); 59% weapon damage, 15% fire rate
Relentless Vanquisher (SMG); 21% fire rate, 15% reload speed, 20% slide speed
Loaded Lead Sprinkler (AR); -33% weapon damage, -17% crit hit damage
Radiation Stone Cospic Crater (artifact); 17% AR damage, 29% shock resis, 27% cryo effeciency, adds radiation to melee attacks
Blended Tangled Elementist (Siren Mod); +1 Infusion, +1 Wildfire, +3 Violent Tapestry, +13% weapon fire rate, +25 reload speed, +31 AR damage
Blended Tangled Elementist (Siren Mod); +2 Infusion, +1 Wildfire, +2 Violent Tapestry, +31 sniper damage; +50 Jakobs accuracy

Queen’s Call (pistol), ideally annointed Siren model w/ Phasegrasp
Crossroads (SMG); any/all varieties, ideally annointed
Rowan’s Call (AR)
Bullet Vacuum Recharger (shield)
Elemental Charge (artifact)

Thank you @BalekFekete for posting this. I will say… Anyone that gets the rain firestorm needs to post where and if they have more then one… Dibs on sending it to me! Lol

@BorderlandsPlayers here is a good thread for everyone if you want something or have something that you wanna share. @BalekFekete you’ll be great staff once you give in one day lol


@SoulessGrimm speaks truth about @BalekFekete!


I have an Annointed Siren LAV Re-Charger shield Balek if you want it

Instantly begins recharging when shield broken, Cooldown 20s
+10% Movement Speed while shields are full
When damaged, has a 20% chance to drop a Fortify Charge
Anointed Siren
On Action Skill End, 30% of all damage taken is returned to the attacker for a short time
Level 50 Annointed

Oh hell ya…!

should be in your mailbox Balek

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Thanks bud.

Does it still work to drop a weapon in game and turn off the xbox to share something without losing it?

Not that I know of but if you trade with someone and close the game at exactly 1 on the countdown then the stuff you are giving to the other person will be duplicated. They recieve the items and you keep the ones that were supposed to go to them

If that’s the case then it should work to drop shit and bounce to homebefore they equip like before. I thought I had done it with my son in law but I can’t quite remember. Will test today for posterity sake

I helped some one test it that’s how I found out but I sold the weapons, i dont like duping



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Have nothing, want everything!

I sure we can fill your inbox after this post! @Bigfish

Nothing except the Its Poop gun camo. Lol

Haha… Got it! And I’m gonna send him the piss if I Havn’t sold it yet

I have the poop gun camo and have equipped it on an smg.