Borderlands has a loot cave! Here is the article on it but essentially it’s a loot cave that can crank out legendary drops like crazy if played on mayhem 3

So we have to wait a bit for mayhem 3

yea heard about this…may be a good way to power level

Ya just gotta beat the story real quick and then I’m going there on mayhem 1 to start gearing up

So we can start it before 3? Nice

Ya that’s just the recommended level since itll drop the highest tier loot but not mandatory

It’ll get nuked before we get there I bet.

No I bet not till next week at the earliest

Gearbox is usually pretty quick on these… They were on BL2

Well…I hope not I’ll be able to do it this weekend

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Here at GRG we would refer to it as the Glory Hole.


What about glory cave? Meet in the middle.

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I think I’m half-way through level 10. At this rate, I might be able to hit the loot cave about this time 2021.


If I played BL3 I would carry you to the Glory Hole / Loot cave. I’m a caring and loving individual.


But you wont play cause you’re a hater


@Lala_Calamari only games to kill others…he is 110% PVP and 1% PVE…so no BL for him

I’m an accountant, I get to make up numbers