Bose QC35 not connecting to PC WIN10 via BT

Hey guys. Hoping you can help. Just got these sweet headphones and although I plan to use them mostly for listening to music, I thought why not give them a try on my PC as well. I have them paired but they do not connect -no audio. Is there a simple step I’m missing here?

Return to store, get a pair of real headphones.

Not helpful, but thanks for the advice. I’ve been listening to music on
these all day and I think they are fantastic! I’m 100% confident that the
BT connecting issue on my PC has nothing to do with the QC35’s. I’ve tried
to use other BT headphones with the computer and had similar connectivity
issues. I just never cared enough to really try to figure out why it
wasn’t connecting right.

Right click on the speaker icon on the right of the Window tool bar (bottom right corner). Select Playback devices and make sure the Bose are set to playback.

Probably not the issue but all I have.

Thanks. Tried that. It doesn’t even show up in that list. It’s strange.
Says paired, but not connected. Not worried about it. Again, mostly going
to use these for music from my iPhone.