Bought new games

Have not been as active in the community as I would like due to work/life. Went out and bought these today to get back into games with you all. I look forward to playing.


You need to hook up with @beers_and_leafs for CoD and @valiantvictory for Destiny.

Also, @destinyplayers and @codplayers.


Yea we have a fairly active group of 20ish ppl that play d2 jump on jump into a party and i’ll Run whatever with ya

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Not to mention the upcoming destiny 2 turdament

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@RedeemeR116 I’m always up for some COD, during the summer you should be able to find me on there most nights between Thursday and Monday.

I seem to be on COD most nights


I know you were in with us while we were running last night…I’m happy to run missions when on…some of them the j Lu way I can re-run is with someone running the story again