Budweiser Red Light (For Hockey Fans)

@beers_and_leafs @Ahobbs2121 @Disneynut68 and any other hockey fan…

Goal-synced Budweiser Red Lights are changing the way Americans celebrate goals. Just connect your light to WiFi, use the Red Lights app to sync to your favourite city(ies), and your light will sound off every time a goal is scored! Get the big game experience at home, and celebrate with your buds like never before.


I’d get one if the Rangers would start scoring again.


That’s pretty cool.

I thought about building one using a Raspberry Pi, but this is much easier. Thanks Dig!

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We got those years ago. My uncle has one, but for the last 5 seasons the leafs haven’t scored much so it’s a little dusty.

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This would be way awesome if I still followed the Portland winter Hawks!