Was looking through the cars for the other day for something to buy and noticed there weren’t any Buicks. I’m disappointed even previous Forza games had a few Buicks. I grew up with Buicks, it’s sad to see they get no love!

You can get a Grand National. Hit the auction house.

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Yeah, the Grand National is nice. I found one last night

  • Photo by Regrozenah

1987 Buick Regal GNX
Picture the late 1980s. The horsepower wars of the ‘60s and ‘70s had given way to emissions controls, and horsepower was down across the board. Front-wheel drive was taking over, and Buick’s Regal was about to go that route. The old rear-drive chassis was a lame duck, but how to send it off with a bang? Buick’s engineers worked up a completely unexpected masterpiece for the Regal’s final year before the switch, producing the GNX, a true muscle car built decades after that genre had gone the way of the dodo. As if dipped in a vat of deep black paint, the GNX is entirely blacked-out and looks ominous. And while Buick’s quoted power figures look good on paper, if you took the GNX to a dragstrip you would quickly discover that the go-quick Regal was seriously underrated by the manufacturer. With a V6 inhaling through an intercooled turbocharger sporting as many goodies as the engineers could cram in there, the GNX’s 300 horsepower allowed it to annihilate contemporary Corvettes (and even some Ferraris and Lamborghinis) in a drag race, shooting past 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. If that’s impressive today for a fairly large car, in 1987 this was both baffling and exhilarating. The GNX may look and sound like it’s got a bad attitude, but few cars can match its audacious performance.

I think you can get that pretty cheap if it’s not upgraded.

BTW, that’s the only decent Buick. Really don’t have any interest in any others.

Sweet, thanks! I’ll have to buy one in auction. Is it only available in wheelspins or something?

I’m not sure. It might be, I haven’t seen it yet.

I have run across one, it was a blueprint race (I think). It was a drag race, the GNX was at S1 and was a FUCKING ROCKET SHIP. That thing took off and I never saw it again.

Found it today after I bought it off auction of course. It’s the 2nd car you can win in Midnight Battle.

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