Bullets not registering

Let’s hope they put all hands on deck and fix alot of the major issues… this however, is pretty big. @DivisionPlayers

I can speak from experience now that I think of it… during the raid my shots to Boomers head at close range even were def hit and miss and it wasnt because I was just missing. I didnt notice this last week either.

@heat_htx40 put the first post here in discord so figured I’d share it with the masses and add one from reddit which calls out the official forum post on the ubisoft forums.


It’s also worth noting this is likely not just a console problem but on console its probably entirely more noticeable.

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You guys suck, get on my level. All my shots hit. I’m MLG.

Actually, I haven’t been on really since the first attempt. It doesn’t surprise me there are some bugs in the raid.

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Im going to say THIS is the reason we haven’t killed boomer yet

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Def plenty of bugs in the raid and doesn’t surprise me either. It’s their first raid so youd kinda expect some. They are getting caught in a vicious cycle though where they fix one thing but break something else.

It would be nice if they broke something in our favor like wdmg, rof, god mode would be nice